ISWTC 2018

This 2018 event will take place from June 25th till June 28th in Delft and Leeuwarden (resp. at Delft University and NHL Stenden Hogelschool in Leeuwarden.

The teams which will compete in 2018’s edition are:

  1. University of Manitoba (Canada)
  2. Danish Technical University team  HAWT (Denmark)
  3. Danish Technical University team VAWT (Denmark)
  4. Lodz University (GUST) HAWT  ( Poland)
  5. Lodz University (GUST) VAWT  ( Poland)
  6. Ain Shams University team HAWT (Egypt)
  7. Ain Shams University team VAWT (Egypt) [Withdrawn]
  8. American University Cairo (Egypt) [Withdrawn]
  9. Teheran Polytechnik (Iran) [Withdrawn]
  10. NHL Stenden University (Netherlands)
  11. InHolland University of Applied Science (Netherlands)
  12. Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland) [Withdrawn]




Competitors can find up-to-date information about this years competition on this page.